Photography by Kenneth Hanson


Bosque at daybreak - taken at Bosque del Apache, January, 2011
First Prize Winner in NM Magazine 2012 Photo Contest - Animal Category

Biographical sketch - Kenneth Hanson

Ken Hanson

Ever since my childhood in New York, I have derived a great deal of pleasure from taking photographs. As a kid, I took my first pictures with a box camera in Idaho. In graduate school I invested in an SLR to take color photos, but I also experimented with black-and-white film, doing my own darkroom work. Upon retiring in 2004, I finally had time to get more serious about my lifelong hobby. I bought a digital SLR to record my wife’s and my first trip to Alaska. Since then, my hobby has evolved into a deep passion for wildlife and nature photography.

Wildlife photography is especially challenging because capturing a good photograph requires patience, adept camera technique and good luck, which makes it very gratifying to capture a striking picture. My favorite subjects have included birds, coyotes, insects and flowers, as well as landscapes, from around New Mexico; whales, bald eagles and glaciers in Alaska; grizzly and spirit bears in British Columbia; Magnificent frigatebirds, iguanas and Sally lightfoot crabs in the Galapagos; and water birds in Florida, Texas and California.